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Care and feeding of your Guitar


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Maintaining your guitars

The following information applies primarily to acoustic guitars.

You'll also want to make sure your guitars are humidified to about 45% - 55%.

Wipe your strings after every playing session, some people seem to sweat more than others and have sweat that is more corrosive others.

Wipe your guitar with Microfibre or cotton cloths. (Old cotton t-shirt are a good source)

Keep two Microfiber cloths for daily use (one for the guitar, the other for the strings)

Add a little fingerboard conditioner to the fretboard of your guitar once a year

Ideally, keep your guitars in their case when they’re not being played for extended periods.

For stubborn grime clean your guitar with a little Naphtha (also known as lighter fluid)

Always wash and dry your hands before playing.

Use a little fretboard conditioner once or twice a year, a little on the bridge is a good idea.

Have the guitar looked at every now and then, have a set up done.

Be careful of your playing environments, air conditioners; do not allow any cold or hot air to blow directly onto the instrument.

Avoid polishes which contain silicones, silicone can making a repair to guitars finish difficult if ever it needs to be refinished.

Never leave the guitar (in its case) in the trunk of your car, high temperatures can be harmful. Avoid direct sun. Conversely, avoid freezing temperatures, when moving into another environment, hot or cold. Allow some time for the guitar to acclimate to the current conditions before taking the guitar out of its case.

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Tough Nut

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All wood guitars are more susceptible to humidity and temperature changes than all laminated guitars. There is no shortage of horror stories about acoustics being damaged in low humidity and sudden temperature change, be aware.

Snow Hound

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Humidity, especially low humidity can be harmful, it causes the wood to dry out and can spitting and cracks if the instrument is left in this kind of environment without taking any action. Get into the habit of monitoring the guitars environment with a reliable hygrometer. They can be purchased on Amazon or even eBay as long as you trust the seller.

New Cycle

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I like to give my guitars a good going over whenever I change the strings, I keep them in their cases when I'm not playing them. I wipe them over with an old cotton t-shirt when I have finished playing, and that's about it.
I use the D’Addario Two-Way Humidification System to keep my guitars in a favourable humidity zone, I do recommend them. I like others wipe my guitars down after I'm finished playing and that about it. I'm a little more thorough at cleaning the guitar when I change the strings.

Fast Draw

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I like to care for my instruments, a gentle wipe over after each playing session, especially if it's hot and my arms have left sweat marks on the body. I nearly always put my guitars back in their cases when I have finished playing them for the day. I like to give the guitar a good clean and light polish each time I change the strings, a little conditioner on the fretboard and bridge. I will get a pro setup every now and then when I feel the guitar requires it.

Lewd Dice

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I am with those that wipe the guitar down after playing, a gentle wipe down with a moist or dry cotton rag is all that is required 99% of the time. I keep my guitars in their cases when I'm done with them and monitor humidity levels with a hygrometer.


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It's just common sense really if you want to get the maximum life from your guitar, take some simple steps to look after it. Protect it from humidity, both high and low. Keep it safe from knocks and bangs where possible, wipe it down now and then.


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Give your guitars a light wiping down after you finish with it, use a separate cloth to use on the strings.
Keep the guitar in a case, especially an all-wood acoustic, use Two-Way Humidification System if your local is consistently dry or humid.