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Coronavirus (COVID-19) How is the worldwide pandemic affecting you right now?


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Most of us are locked away at home right now and it sounds like we will be for a while. How are you coping with that?


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Is anyone buying guitars online right now, is it safe to do so? The Coronavirus can survive on various surfaces including cardboard so that being the case, you would need to be very careful unpacking your new guitar. Be sure to wipe it down first, perhaps even leave it alone somewhere as the virus has a finite life on different surfaces.

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If your patient, leave the guitar and packaging alone for about 30 days, the virus will die in that time. But who wants to wait that long, my interpretation would be too use gloves to handle and unpack the guitar, dispose of the packaging in a way that no one else is likely to touch it. Dispose of the gloves that you have used, and then carefully wipe down the guitar. Wash your hands thoroughly.

But what might you wipe the guitar down with, the information I have read suggests that any cleaning compound needs to be at least 70% to 80% alcohol?

DISCLAIMER: The above is just my own interpretation of the information that I have read for the purpose of discussion here. Please do not use this information with the belief it will be safe to take delivery of a packaged guitar by taking the steps mentioned above, it may not be.
I don't buy my guitars online, but if I did, I would use the basic hygiene methods described in this thread. Experts say that the majority of Coronavirus cases were transmitted directly by an infected person who has coughed and or sneezed in close proximity to other persons. The virus then enters their body by inhaling airborne droplets or by touching their face or eyes. If the virus was still active on any of the packaging or guitar, the new owner would need to touch their face or eyes. Wash your hands really well after cleaning everything properly.


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I'm not sure what you could use to wipe the over the guitar, I don't think lighter fluid ( Naphtha ) would be suitable as I doubt it would kill the virus? Normally you would use a 70% to 80% alcohol-based cleaner to kill the virus. I would not do that on a guitar, however.

Sofa King

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It's a great time to practise the guitar, get all those chops down. Learn some songs, and as so many are already doing, play online.

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Playing online both a solo or as a group is fast becoming the new normal. I understand that is the only option for the moment, but I do miss live music.


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Lots more time to practise and enlarge my repertoire :) Its also allowing me to catch up with lots of other jobs around our house.