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Found this switch in my cab today


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So I’ve found a switch in my 8ohm Carvin cab and wanted to try it out. It has a switch for Mono 8ohm, and Stereo 4ohm/4ohm. The cab itself has an input for left/mono, and a second one for right/extension. The amp I have has 2 parallel outputs, and can switch between 4/8/16 ohms.

The cab is switched to 4ohm/4ohm stereo, the 2 amp outputs are connected to both left and right inputs for the cab, while the amp is switched to 4ohm impedance.

The question is, am I plugging it in correctly with the correct impedance? I’m trying to use both loudspeaker outputs and the cab stereo inputs


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The photos are for reference, taken at different times, and do not depict actual setting. Currently, the amp has 2 outputs connected to the 2 cab inputs at 4ohms and 4/4 stereo respectively.