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Guitar storage

Lewd Dice

New member
I prefer to keep my guitars in their cases when I'm not likely to play them anytime soon. I like the security of having them out of harms way, a case does that.

57 Pixels

New member
I don't have a scheduled time for replacing my guitar strings, it depends on how much I play them, the time of year (sweat). But roughly every 1 to 2 months.


New member
I always put my acoustics back into their cases overnight or if I don't plan to play them for a few days or more. I have a Gibson SG which I leave on a guitar stand all the time.


New member
I normally put my guitars back in their cases each night, however, I will leave them out occasionally. I keep my guitars in my music room so I have no concerns about someone bumping into them. I do have concerns about the effects of humidity. When they go back into their cases, my all wood acoustics are stored with D'addario 2 way humidity packs.