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Solid body or Laminated back and sides Acoustic?

57 Pixels

New member
Is an all-solid body acoustic a better guitar better than a laminated back and sides guitar in any way, general quality and or tonally? I think for the sake of this discussion we can assume a solid top is the better option.


Pepper Legs

New member
I think there is a lot more to guitar build quality then some of us might believe. Some of the major names associated with acoustic guitars use laminated back and sides in their range of acoustic guitars and they have a stellar reputation for being quality instruments.

Turnip King

New member
I don't think its quite that black and white, there are plenty of laminated guitars that sound great, conversely, there are plenty of all solid wood guitars that don't sound all that great.

Evaluate every guitar individually, don't assume it's good or bad until you try it for yourself