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Strumming without a pick


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I am primarily a strummer but I use a little bit of fingerstyle as well, I really like the techniques in the video I have provided a link for below.

Hopefully, someone else will get something from it also.

Strumming without a Pick

Flyswat Briggs

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Most people like to use a pick when playing the guitar, I do sometimes, but not very often. I play for myself at home and don't like to play loud, usually anyways. I play fingerstyle passably but not great, I like the subdued tone of strumming with my thumb and fingers. I see and hear a lot of guitarists get a great tone when using a pick, I don't feel as though I do, not sure why?


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I use a pick and play a little fingerstyle depending on the song I am playing. Some songs lend themselves to either style, I think that as a guitarist its important to be able to play either.

Fast Draw

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Picks only for me, respect players who play fingerstyle but I never learnt to play in that style, I sometimes wish I had :)